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Dec 6, 2012 8:00pm EST
anything that the obama administration has anything to do with. they are not part of the process. the rebels will make a difference on the ground. if [inaudible] try to adopt a strategy to secure the wng site, you need the rebels to cooperate with you. you need to be on the good side. right now the protesters in syria, all of them are raising a flag saying we don't want them on the ground in syria. if you have peace keepers on the ground they are going to ensure that the al waits -- [inaudible] in the country has been quited. it's new mantra right now. two years ago, people wanted international intersex. they -- interventions. they were expressing a lot of feeling of friendship for the international community. now they don't want them to be involved on the ground. how are we going [inaudible] we don't want to to. we are getting so to scare space there's a lot of radicalization because there's a lot of frustration, you know, with the people have been betrayed and extremist forces to take over. i don't have an answer to that dpoapt say that, you know, i really expect the situation 0 to
Dec 3, 2012 8:30pm EST
>> according to a group of open government advocates, the obama administration's efforts and government transparency are mixed. the sunlight foundation held a forum on whether president obama lifted to his pledge to have the most open government in american history. this discussion is 90 minutes. >> good morning. welcome to the kayseri committee and transparency event on transparency in the obama presidency. i am daniel schuman with the sunlight foundation. welcome. there are many meanings of transparency. i'm not going to get into all of them today, but i'm sure there will be many different aspects. their widely divergent opinions on the successes of the obama administration and i hope to explore some of those today. president obama made a number of promises when he was running for president. a number are still available on during the course of the administration, new issues came up. everything from campaign finance disclosure to dealing with the lawsuit and others on visitors logs. there's been a lot of changes during the course of the administration. what i hop
Nov 29, 2012 8:00pm EST
republican side have been trying to deny law of war detention to the obama administration, and they have openly said this. if you allow this to happen, president obama is going to put you in jail because of political dissent. there are people on my side who are afraid of law of war detention being in barack obama's hand because they think -- they hate him so much, they think that he is going to use a provision to protect us against an al qaeda attack to put them in jail because they disagree with his agenda. and it gets worse. i want you to know this. there has been a statement in our conference that habeas corpus reviewed by an independent judiciary for the intelligence community, the military would have to prove in court by a preponderance of the evidence that the person in question has, in fact, engaged in hostilities against the united states by helping the taliban or al qaeda, that's a requirement of the government. they have to prove that to the judge. that's not really a check on government power because the judge could be an obama appointee. as much as i disagree with president o
Nov 30, 2012 8:00pm EST
minority party? >> actually, you can take it back to the last two years of the bush administration when the number shot up dramatically as well. so it's not simply a barack obama phenomenon. but i don't buy enlarge. i think what we see both from my own work inside the senate in observation from what we see with books like mike grunwald's is that it is a very deliberate strategy hatched at the senate the inaugural if not before to try to raise the bar and block things from happening in to get unanimous minority support and to do it not just on bills or you want to have amendments allowed, the bills are you have no interest in having amendment allowed to make it all messy and make it look difficult. i'm not going to defend barack obama's outreach to the minority party, but i could go back to knot the use of the filibuster, but other methods of instruction with bill clinton's who reached out all the time. so i think that's a factor, but a minor one. i think kerry reads use of filling the amendment tree, partly this is chicken and egg, but is been done too much and that could result in
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4